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Will my meter be disconnected if I run out of credit at night, Sundays or bank holidays?

No, you won’t – thanks to the ‘friendly non-disconnect function’ on your Pay As You Go meter. This makes sure you won’t lose your energy supply if you run out of credit at these times:

- Monday to Saturday 6pm-11am
- Anytime on weekends and Bank Holidays, until 11am the next working day.

You’ll need to top up before the friendly non-disconnect period ends. You will get disconnected if you still have no credit at 11am the next working day.

Any energy you've used during a friendly non-disconnect period will show on your meter/in-home display unit as 'DEBT'. We’ll take payment for this when you next top up, so make sure you top up enough credit to cover:

- Any energy you use during non-disconnection hours
- Any missed standing charges
- Any missed instalment plan payments