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Why have I had more than one final bill?

It's quite normal to get more than one final bill – and it can happen for a few reasons.

1. You've had one bill for electricity and another for gas

If your electricity and gas supply get switched to a new supplier on a different day, you might get separate bills.

2. Your original final bill was cancelled

Maybe you gave a meter reading (to us or your new supplier) after we sent you an estimated bill. We'll cancel the original bill and send you a new final bill based on your meter readings.

3. The new tenants or owners gave us a meter reading

If you didn't give a meter reading when you moved out, we'll send you an estimated final bill.

But we might have to give you a second bill if we then get an opening meter reading from the new occupiers, or your old landlord. This second bill would be for any energy you've used but haven't yet paid for.