How do I use a log-in code to access MyAccount?

You'll need a log-in code to get into MyAccount if:

  1. You’ve forgotten your MyAccount password
  2. You're signing into MyAccount for the first time
  3. You're signing into MyAccount from a new device

Get a log-in code

We send the secure log in code to your registered email address. It's valid for 10 minutes, and can only be used once.

Once you have your code, go back to MyAccount and type in the 6-digit log-in code when asked.

What happens if I didn't get my code?

First, have a look for your log-in code email in your spam or junk folder. If you still can't find it, go back to MyAccount to get another code – just click ‘Send code again by email'.

I've forgotten my password - why can't I get a log-in code?

You won’t be able to ask us for a log-in code if:

  • you haven’t logged into MyAccount since 4 November 2017. You’ll need to log in with your permanent password – you can reset it if you need to.
  • you've changed your username, but haven’t completed the verification. If you can't find the verification email we sent you, or if it’s expired, please get in touch.

Can I still use a permanent password after using a log-in code?

Yes, you can use your permanent password after using a log-in code to access MyAccount for the first time, or from a new device.

Some people like to use a log in code every time they access MyAccount, as it's more secure than using a permanent password.

Why do you send log-in codes?

If you forget your password, using a code is quicker and easier than having to reset your permanent password. Log-in codes are also more secure than permanent passwords, as they only work once.

We use log in codes to give your account an extra layer of security. They let us check your identity when you log into MyAccount for the first time, or from a new device.

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