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Move a meter

We can sometimes move an electricity or gas meter up to 1 metre from it's current position. The distance depends on the space available and the flexibility of the power cable or position of the pipes.

But we can only move your meter if it's inside your home – and staying on the same wall.

We would also need to check the particular set-up in your home. If your meter is above a front door, in a cupboard or surrounded by shelves, for instance, we might not be able to move it.

Contact us(1) to find out if we can move your meter.

If we can't move your meter, you'll need to get in touch with your local network operator. They should be able to do this for you.

What does it cost to move a meter?

  • We're moving your meter
    Our standard cost to move a meter is £80; but there may be additional costs depending on the work involved. You'll need to pay this before we can confirm your appointment.
  • Your local network operator is moving your meter
    The operator will give you a quote for the work.