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How do I activate my emergency credit?

You can activate your emergency credit when your balance drops below £1 – but before your credit runs out. You get £10 of emergency credit on your electricity meter, and £10 on your gas meter.

You can activate it through your in-home display or through the meter itself.

Remember, emergency credit is only there to give you a bit of time to top up.

Your meter will disconnect when your £10 of emergency credit runs out. We'll automatically take a payment for any emergency credit you've used when you next top up. This keeps you covered in case of another emergency. Why your electricity won't get disconnected 'out of hours'.

Meter type: Elster (gas)

  1. Press the right arrow until the screen shows 'Supplier Information Screen'
  2. Press the central round button to select
  3. The screen will show the message 'Emergency Credit Available'
  4. Press the round button to select
  5. The screen will show the message 'Accepted'

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