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How to top up your smart PAYG meter

Top up on the app

  1. Tap “Top up your meter” on the home screen of your EDF app
  2. Choose the amount you want top up or enter in other amount
  3. Tap “Confirm top-up”
  4. Enter your credit or debit card details (you can save your card for quicker future payments) Are my card details secure?
  5. Click “Top up now”

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Top up online in MyAccount

  1. Go to 'My payments' and select 'Top up meter'.
  2. Enter your credit or debit card details (you can store these to make it easier next time)
  3. Click 'Pay now'

Go to My Payments

Top up by phone

  1. Call us at any time of day or night - and select option 1
  2. Enter your EDF account number, top-up ID or phone number
  3. Give your credit or debit card details, and confirm payment

Call 0333 009 7111(1)

Top up at a PayPoint store

  1. Take your top-up card (or just the top-up ID that's given on the card) to your nearest PayPoint retailer
  2. Buy your credit
  3. Keep your receipt as it gives your Unique Transaction Reference Number (UTRN)

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