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Meters and meter readings

My meter is running as an Economy 7 meter (I pay two electricity rates)...

How to read an Economy 7 electricity smart meter with two white buttons to the left or under the screen

About your smart meter reading

Normally, a smart meter sends us your readings automatically. So please only give us a reading if we've asked you to do this.

If we've asked you for a reading, please take it from the meter itself – not your in-home display. Your meter is usually on a wall or board; your in-home display either plugs into a socket or runs on batteries.

It looks like you have an EDMI ES10-B (SMETS2) smart meter. Follow these steps to read the two rates on your electricity meter:

  1. Hold 'OK' to open the menu
  2. Hold 'OK' again to go to 'Billing'
  3. Push the right button ('>') twice to get to 'Advanced'
  4. Hold 'OK' until you see 'TOUmtrx'
  5. Hold 'OK' again until you see 'Rate 1'
  6. Write down the numbers you see next to Rate 1 (they'll be in front of 'kWh') – this is your Rate 1 reading
  7. Now use the left button ('˅') to scroll down to 'Rate 2'
  8. Write down the numbers you see (they'll be in front of 'kWh') – this is your Rate 2 reading
Tips to read your meter

Read the numbers from left to right; ignore any zeroes at the beginning and any numbers after the decimal point.

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