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MyAccount and app

I'd like to know about managing my energy in...


How to manage your energy on the go with our app

You can manage your energy account on the go 24/7 by downloading our app – you can even use your MyAccount login and password to get straight in.

The app allows you to do things like:

  • Make a payment
  • Check your account balance, bills, payment history and tariff information
  • See how much energy you use around the home and get personalised energy-saving tips in Energy Hub (smart meters only)
  • Get updates and reminders
  • Switch between different energy accounts or properties
  • Get help fast — check our FAQs, or send us a WhatsApp or SMS message

Do you have a smart Pay As You Go meter?

Your app also lets you:

  • Check your balance and top-up your meter
  • Get low balance alerts
  • Set auto top-ups
  • View your top-up history

Do you have a prepayment meter (not smart)?

Sorry, our app isn't suitable for your type of meter - but it does work realy well for smart Pay As You Go (see above).

Get a smart PAYG meter

Find out more about our app – or download it now.

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