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How emergency credit works on a smart PAYG meter

What it is

Your smart Pay As You Go meter will get disconnected if your balance drops to £0. We don't want that to happen, so we give you some credit to use in case of emergency.

How much you get

You get £10 of emergency credit on your electricity meter, and £10 on your gas meter.

How to use it

You'll need to activate emergency credit if you want to use it. You can do this when your balance drops below £1 – but before your credit runs out.

You'll see 'Emergency credit selected' as soon as it's activated, and then 'Emergency credit in use' once you start using it.

How to activate emergency credit

What happens when your emergency credit runs out

Remember, emergency credit is only there to give you a bit of time to top up. Your meter will disconnect when your £10 of emergency credit runs out. We'll automatically take a payment for any emergency credit you've used when you next top up. This keeps you covered in case of another emergency. Why you won't get disconnected 'out of hours'