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Meters and meter readings

How do I read an electricity meter with dials?

  • The dials on your meter turn in different directions, but the pointer always moves from 0 to 9 (then starts again at 0)
  • Read the dials from left to right – but ignore the last dial
  • Write down the number shown by the pointer on each dial:
    • If the pointer is between two numbers, write down the lower number – except when it sits between 9 and 0
    • If the pointer sits between 9 and 0, write down '9'; and reduce the number on the previous dial by one (see example below) – except when it is the first dial
    • If the pointer falls between 9 and 0 on the first dial, write down '9' (you don't have to change the number on any other dial because of this)
  • The meter reading example below is 44928 (the third dial sits between 9 and 0, so we reduce the '5' on the second dial to '4')

Electricity reading dial single