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Can I switch supplier when I have a smart Pay As You Go Meter?

You can switch to another supplier in the normal way – and you can usually carry on with Pay As You Go.

There's a small chance your smart meter will only work as a basic meter when you switch. It doesn't happen often, but if it does, you'd have to submit your own meter readings, and PAYG wouldn't be possible.

Why might this happen?

Some smart meters can't work in 'smart' mode when you switch supplier – either because of the make and model, or because of the way it's been set up. You'll find out if your meter can carry on working as a smart meter when your switch is complete.

What happens if my meter can't work as a smart meter with the new supplier?

  • You won't be able to pay as you go – so you'll pay your new supplier by Direct Debit; or card, cash or cheque (if that's an option)
  • Your old supplier will turn your meter to 'standard' mode just before the switch
  • You'll need to give your own meter readings – so your new supplier will ask you for an opening meter reading
  • Your old supplier will give you a refund for any credit that was left on your meter when you switched