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Customer VAT Declaration Certificate

Certificate to EDF Energy with respect to premises qualifying for the reduction rate of VAT.

Please fill as many fields as possible to help us process your certificate more efficiently.

If you wish to submit VAT Declaration Certificates for multiple sites please email and we will send you a multi-site VAT Declaration Certificate to complete

Section A. Customer/Property details

Required only if registered
Only applicable for charitable non-business use
Please tick relevant fuel type

Section B. Basis of claim

Date from which the relief should be applied from
Is your business 'Charitable non-business' or 'Domestic' supply
For domestic supplies
For Charitable non-business supplies
Moving the supply onto a residential tariff (optional)
This will result in your current business EDF Energy account being closed and a new residential account being created on deemed prices.

To ensure that the claim meets all of HMRC's requirements, if the percentage of the total consumption qualifying for the reduced rate of VAT is less than 100% you must provide details of how the relief percentage has been calculated below.

To ensure that the claim meets all of HMRC's requirements you must provide details
- How the relief percentage has been calculated
- Details of any non-business funding which you may received
Additionally all Scottish charities must provide their letter of recognition for HMRC

Section 3. Customer Declaration

I certify that the information provided is complete and correct. I undertake to inform EDF Energy of any change in the qualifying use. I understand that any incorrect statement may make me liable for a financial penalty under the Value Added Tax Act 1994.