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Get your smart or AMR meter data

We can email you a spreadsheet with the data from your business's smart or AMR meter – answer all questions and submit this form. We'll give you all the half-hourly, daily or monthly readings we've had from your meter over the past 12 months (depending on your settings). If we have less than 12 months of data, we'll start from your first day with EDF or the first day your meter sent us data (whichever is later).

More than one business account? Please fill out a separate form for each account.

Not a business customer? Get your smart meter data in Energy Hub in MyAccount.

Are you a Third Party Intermediary requesting this data on behalf of your client?

Important info for Third Party Intermediaries

Before proceeding with the request please ensure that the relevant Letter of Authority (LOA) has been provided to EDF so we can fulfil the data request. If you don’t have consent we can’t share the data.Thanks for your patience whilst we check this.