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When trying to sign up to MyAccount it says my surname is invalid?

There are two common reasons that will prevent you registering successfully for MyAccount due to an 'invalid name'.

1. A mis-spelt surname on your EDF Energy account on our system could be to blame. If the spelling of your surname on your bill is different to the one you are trying to register this will be flagged and will prevent you from setting up your online account.

Please contact us using the Chat button on the right to verify the correct spelling of your name. We can then make the necessary amendments to allow you to successfully register your surname and set your online MyAccount up.

2. More than one person is named on the bill. While the named bill payers may be jointly responsible for the supply there will be a 'primary' account holder registered on our system and only their name would be valid when registering for MyAccount.

If you don't think the above reasons are the issue please contact us using the Chat button on the right.

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