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What is the friendly non-disconnect function on my prepayment meter?


  • Simply put, it means you will not run out of electricity at night.
  • The friendly non-disconnect function on your electricity prepayment meter acts like a safety net.
  • It makes sure you don't lose power if you run out of credit at a time when many top-up outlets are closed.
  • That means you won't lose your electricity supply if you run out of credit during these 'out of hours' times:
  • - Monday to Friday 6pm to 9am
    - Saturday from 6pm
    - anytime on a Sunday, until 9am Monday
    - anytime on a bank holiday, until 9am the next day.


  • You have to top up with credit as soon as possible though, as you'll be cut off from your power supply when normal opening times resume.
  • Any energy you've used during a friendly non-disconnect period will be added onto your prepayment meter as 'DEBT'. We automatically take a payment for this debt as soon as you next top up your meter with credit.
  • Make sure you top up with enough credit to cover the 'friendly non-disconnect' energy you've used, and your ongoing energy use.
  • Not all electricity prepayment meters have the friendly non-disconnect service.
  • This information is for prepayment meters only; it's not for pay-as-you-go smart meters.


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