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I’ve changed tariff – why has my Direct Debit amount not changed?

Your energy will be charged at your new tariff from the effective date of your tariff change.

But as we aim to keep your payments as stable possible, we don't automatically change them from day one. That happens when we next review your energy account.

We look to review your account twice during each 12-month billing period. This is to keep your Direct Debit payments in line with your energy use.

Reviews will generally happen:

  • Mid-way through your billing year
    We'll ask you for a meter reading beforehand. If you don't provide one, we won't review your Direct Debit amount at this stage.
  • Shortly before the end of your billing year
    Again, we'll ask you for a meter reading. If you don't submit one, your Direct Debit amount for your next billing year will be based on an estimate of your energy use.


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