I’m on a variable tariff, do I need to take any action?

Existing EDF customers

Our Standard (Variable) tariff is the cheapest tariff today, you don't need to do anything to stay on this. 

With the energy market as it is at the moment, it isn't easy to find great energy deals anywhere. Of course, this doesn't make it easy for customers, but the choice is down to you.

Sticking on one of our variable tariffs?

The Standard (Variable) tariff is our cheapest tariff today. However, it's expected that prices will rise again in October when the next Ofgem price cap review happens.

Choosing a fixed price energy deal

Fixed prices are more expensive than Standard (Variable) tariffs right now, but they protect against future price rises and may help you save long-term.

If you do decide that you want to pay extra to fix your prices, then all our best-fixed price deals are available online. In addition, some of our fixed tariffs offer customers additional benefits, like our EasyOnline + BoilerCare Gold tariff, with 6 months of boiler maintenance & support plan on us. T&C's apply to this offer.

You can view all our current available tariffs in the My tariff screen.

Want us to alert you when energy prices go down? Then, sign up for our price alert emails, and we'll let you know when this happens.

To help, we can give you a smart meter and access to our Energy Hub for free. This service will help you understand how much energy you use, plus give you personalised energy-saving tips and advice.

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