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How do I switch to another supplier?


First of all you’ll need to sign up with the new energy supplier. You should be able to do this on their website. They’ll then start the switching process, which will take around five weeks.

At this point your new supplier will ask you for your current meter readings. After you've sent them, they’ll pass them back to us so we can confirm them. We’ll then close your account and send you a final statement.


If your account’s in credit when you switch:

We’ll automatically refund anything we owe you.

If you owe us money when you switch:

You’ll need to pay the outstanding balance before we can close your account. You can login to MyAccount and pay the outstanding balance online.

If you have a prepayment meter:

You should keep using your EDF card or key until your new supplier gives you another one. Then please send our card or key back to us (it’s free) at this address:


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