A smart tech wishlist for the smaller business

Nine gift ideas that are as good for business as they are for your team

Ever wondered what you could buy for the office this holiday season to help make your team more motivated, more sustainable and more efficient?

Look no further. Our resident team of SME business experts and tech whizzes have done a round-up of the gift ideas that are sure to go down well this holiday – and keep on giving into 2020 and beyond.

1. Free up some time with the Amazon Echo Spot. Price: £119.99

This digital assistant can set up meetings and reminders, order new office supplies, show you who’s at the door and it can even help you keep tabs on your energy account.

2. Get the whole team moving with fitness trackers, like the MI Smart Band 4. Price: £34,99

This great value fitness tracker makes it possible to get one for the whole team to boost wellbeing, morale, and productivity. Think more walking meetings and a lot less sick days along with a host of added business benefits, and a kick start to the team’s new year’s resolutions.

3. Boost your sustainability cred and cut your bills with the Nest Learning Thermostat. Price: £239.00

The latest generation of this smart thermostat will not only give you more control over how you heat your premises, it actually learns your office patterns to trim your consumption without anyone getting chilly. Great for your carbon footprint and your bills.

4. Put the full power of video in your team’s hands with GoPro Hero8. Price: £379

It's no surprise that video is now one of our favourite ways to consume content. And giving your crew the kit can make work more effective and fun with a smart wearable camera. Great for the behind the scenes marketing videos but equally good for your infield team to stream back live footage for input from HQ.

5. Grow the team’s good mood with indoor plants. Price: varies

Maybe they’re not tech, but office plants are certainly a smart gift for your team. They are not only on-trend for office interiors but, according to the Royal Horticultural Society, plants are scientifically proven to boost our mood. And choosing the right ones for your office can also help remove pollutants from the air to help keep everyone healthy over winter when the windows are closed.

6. Smarten up your lighting and trim your winter bills with Philips Hue. Price: from £24.99

Smarter LED lighting won’t just mean you can turn different office lights on and off from your phone, you can team them up with smart motion sensors to turn off when the room’s empty. Plus you can even go for the colour option and bring some flair to your reception area and great vibes to your end-of-year parties.

7. Strengthen your security with smart cameras. Price: from £39.99

Installing security cameras is quick and easy to do yourself since they've got smart. You can get them up and running right out the box without the need for specialist installers. So you can connect and monitor a series of indoor and outdoor cameras right from your phone, tablet or desktop to make it easier to keep your premises and your people safe and sound.

8. Give your office equipment more downtime with smart plugs. Price: from £24.99

Leaving office plugged-in equipment like printers, water coolers and even Christmas lights on standby is an ongoing drain on your electricity. With smart plugs, you can use an app to turn unused equipment off from anywhere and even set up schedules for when you want them on.

9. Be everyone’s best friend and bring a dog to work. Price: cuddles

So we all know a dog is not just for Christmas, but you could bring your own to work or let someone in your team appoint their pup to the Chief Dog Officer role. Great for morale - and you can even get them involved in the team fitness with their own pet tracker.