Smart home solutions to help you save energy

Across the country, smart homes are already using smart solutions to save energy and make life that bit easier. If you’re prone to leaving the lights on when you go out or if you just like putting your feet up, then you’ll love smart gadgets. Whether controlling your lights, heating and appliances remotely or using voice commands to switch on a little music – smart tech is here to help. Here are our favourite smart tech innovations that can help make yours a smart home.

Amazon Alexa is the brain behind the amazing Amazon Echo and Echo Dot voice controlled speakers. Download our Alexa skill and without getting out of your chair, Alexa can tell you the balance of your energy bill, submit your meter reading, tell you your tariff end date or let you know the date of your next payment. At your command, Alexa will also control your heating for you when you’re at home. Just couple your Amazon Echo with your HeatSmart® thermostat,  sit back and you can save energy while you’re saving money.

Philips HUE is a smart home lighting system that you control from your phone or tablet. HUE lightbulbs fit easily into existing standard sockets and are controlled via a connection node or ‘bridge’ that plugs into your modem. Aside from the cost saving and convenience, there’s fun too: HUE lightbulbs can be set to pulse or flash in 16 million different colours, providing a bit of colour in your smart home. A lot of smart tech is made so they’re compatible with each other. You can control your HUE with your Amazon Alexa for example. Watch the demo video.

Belkin WeMo is a smart home automation range based on simple adaptors that go between your wall socket and a device. Name each adaptor after the device it controls and you can switch lights and other appliances on and off remotely. WeMo is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Lightwave RF isn’t simple but it’s smart. Lightwave RF is a complete smart home solution, requiring professional installation. Once installed, it offers full remote control of your heating, lighting and appliances and like HUE, it allows you to adjust the colour of your lighting. Lightwave RF works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This video explains more about Lightwave. 

Smart meters let you take control of your household energy use with a clear, real-time view of the energy you’re using and exactly what it’s costing. Forget about estimated bills. With a smart meter, you’ll only ever pay for the energy you use. Meter readings are automatic – so the inconvenience of a meter reader knocking at your door is a thing of the past.

EDF Energy smart meters are brought to your home by the Smart Installation Society. As well as installing your meter, they will show you how to use and get the best out of it.

You can choose to have an ‘in-home display’ that makes it easy to monitor your usage and your spend as well as offering a range of smart features like daily, weekly or monthly comparisons. See how your smart meter display can help you save money on your electricity and gas bills in our short video, and turn your house into a smart home in no time. Visit our smart meter page or watch our video about the smart meter roll out.

Fix My Energy. If you want solar panels but haven’t got the cash to get them installed, we can help. You can get solar panels and a battery for no upfront cost, instead you pay a fixed rate until 2037 for your solar energy. EDF Energy's innovation centre, Blue Lab, is working in partnership with the solar energy company Lightsource. The partnership has developed Sunplug, a solar battery storage solution. By switching to solar power, you’ll help the environment and save on your bills. How’s that for a smart home solution? Go to the Fix My Energy page to find out all you need to know. 

HeatSmart®. Keep an eye on your energy costs and control your heating on the move with our HeatSmart® package. The Which? award-winning Netatmo smart thermostat gives you complete control of your home’s heating via the Netatmo app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Ongoing analysis lets you keep track of your previous usage patterns and set up a heating schedule that suits you. Smart tech features include an Auto Adapt function that automatically adjusts your schedule when the weather gets colder, Frost Guard to protect your heating system from freezing in the winter and a learning function that will track your behaviour and set heating patterns automatically.    

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