How to save energy in the office

Looking for ways to save energy at work? Look no further, we've got ten energy saving ideas to help you reduce your office energy consumption.

Here's how you can save energy in the office:

1. Print less. Be as paperless as possible to avoid having the printer on all the time. Make sure it's turned off when not in use. You can encourage less paper waste by using online signing services like Docusign and doing as much sharing as you can online through collaboration platforms like Google Docs.

2. Use a master switch to turn everything off at night rather than leaving things on standby.

3. Use energy efficient LED light bulbs. This guide to efficient office lighting from the gives lots of great options for making your office perfectly lit and energy efficient.

4. Rather than using kettles and a water cooler, use a water machine that provides cold and hot water like the WaterBar from Virgin Pure. Not only does it reduce the amount of machines using electricity, but it's triple filtered and UV purified. 

5. Check if windows are double-glazed to keep heat in during winter so you're not over-using the heating and open windows (if you have any) in summer instead of using air con.

6. Find out if your building and office is insulated. Speak to the building manager to make sure your office has the best insulation to keep it warm in winter and avoid over-using the heating. Apart from the constant heating tennis we tend to do in offices because we all like different temperatures; over-heating the office can lead to germs spreading during flu season. No one wants to get that cold that's going around, so make sure your office stays the perfect temperature to save money, energy and sick days with good insulation. 

7. Change your office culture. By encouraging everyone to dress appropriately for the weather e.g. putting a jumper on in winter rather than hiking up the heating, you'll spread the responsibility and efforts for keeping energy consumption down. This also might involve relaxing the code and rather than people wearing suits in summer and needing the air-con on, allowing people to wear more breathable fabrics and staying cool.

8. Get energy efficient lunch! More and more businesses are offering free healthy snacks in the office. Some businesses even offer free nutriously balanced shakes like Huel in their offices. Employees can drink the shake for lunch if they like and to make it you just add water.  It saves time for busy employees and it means no appliances are used when making lunch.

9. You could get an energy efficient dishwasher, this list from sustainable shopping website is amazing for comparing the most efficient models.

10. Why not set up a walking or biking desk that through the power generated by staff walking or biking powers something in the office? This could be a great health benefit for employees to have in the office permanently or could be a one-off awareness raising event you could hold to encourage people to reduce the energy they use in the office.

For more ways to save energy in your office, check out the EDF Energy business incentives and tariffs.


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