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Meet the 2022 Data & Technology Graduates

By EDF | Posted October 18, 2022

By Rebecca Vickery

Each year, EDF runs a two-year data and technology scheme where graduates undertake work placements and tailored training to develop a range of skills from the fields of software engineering, data engineering and data science. At the end of the two years, the graduates are then ready to start work in their chosen area.

In September, we welcomed eight new graduates to the scheme. We interviewed them to find out how they were getting on. Here are the highlights.




Hajerah Lulat

Hajerah studied Physics at the University of Bath, which included a placement as a data analyst. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym and spending time outdoors.

What attracted you to the EDF Data & Tech Grad scheme? 
"As someone who had a little experience in data & tech but did not know exactly where I wanted to go within it, the rotational structure of the scheme really appealed to me. I like the idea of being able to experience different roles as well as having the opportunity to get to know various parts of the company. I was drawn to EDF as I had already completed some enjoyable work experience. I also like that EDF is a company that makes a positive impact with its commitment to net zero."


Jarvis Chapman

Jarvis has just completed his physics degree at the University of Oxford. Over the summer, he spent some time working at Le Creuset, which he enjoyed as cooking is one of his hobbies

What are you most looking forward to learning from the scheme?
"Aside from the typical technical skills & capabilities I hope to learn, I am very interested in finding out more about the energy market, how it works, and how it will develop for the future goals of the company and the UK. I’d love to apply the skills I learn in the scheme to complete meaningful projects and make changes."


Anne-Marie Nnaedozie

Anne-Marie has an undergraduate degree in Bioengineering and recently completed a master's degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. In her spare time, Ann-Marie enjoys learning how to draw, being in nature and going to concerts.

What attracted you to the EDF Data & Tech Grad scheme?
"What attracted me to the scheme was the learning opportunities that the scheme offered; what made it different from the other graduate schemes and made me choose EDF was the interaction I had with the people I spoke to while doing my research about the company. Their feedback was a true representation of what it is like to work at EDF."


Gus Charles

Gus studied Mathematics at the University of Bristol, where he focussed mostly on the applied side of the curriculum. At Bristol, Gus was a committed member of the rugby team and was head of the committee for a tour to Budapest.

What are you most looking forward to learning from the scheme?
"I’m most looking forward to building industry knowledge and taking what I’ve learnt academically and applying it to real-world issues. With the Energy industry very prominent in the news, it is exciting to see what we are doing to combat the energy crisis problem. I am looking forward to learning more about the service we are building to help improve customers’ experience with EDF."


Harry Dexter

Harry has just completed a 4-year master's degree in Physics at the University of Birmingham. In his spare time, Harry is a big sports fan and enjoys getting active on runs and bike rides

How have you found life at EDF so far?
"So far, it has been great! The Early Careers team have put on loads of events for us, which was nice because we got the chance to meet all the other graduates and some senior leaders within the business.

"My first placement has been good so far. I don't come from a software engineering background and really appreciate that everyone has been so welcoming, quickly incorporating me into their team and giving up their time to answer lots of questions."


Sulayman Ismail

Sulayman has recently graduated with a degree in Mathematics. Outside work, Sulayman enjoys swimming and playing the piano.

What are you most looking forward to learning from the scheme?
"In the scheme, I’m looking forward to learning how to work in an Agile environment as well as learn different data and software methodologies. I’m also looking forward to working in the various placements to see how different teams work and use data and software to help the wider business."


Kit Connick

Kit has a degree in Statistics from the University of Glasgow. In his spare time, Kit enjoys cooking, reading fantasy epics and is also a huge tennis fan.

What are you most looking forward to learning from the scheme? 
"In general, I’m looking forward to learning some of the many things that I haven’t seen yet! Whether that’s certain tools and software and programming languages or certain techniques and algorithms, it seems like the two years hold a wealth of opportunities for learning. 

"I’m also really looking forward to learning more about the Energy industry itself. It’s an area I’m interested in but can’t claim any great understanding of, so it’ll be really interesting to find a bit more about how it works from within a large Energy company."


Hannah Lochhead

Hannah has a background in Petroleum Engineering, having previously studied at both the University of Manchester and Imperial College London. In her spare time, Hannah volunteers at Aberdeen Climate Action.

How have you found life at EDF so far?
"Life at EDF has been great so far – it’s a steep learning curve learning new languages and picking up a quick understanding of projects, but the team has been brilliant at supporting me through the first month at EDF."


Are you interested in becoming one of our future Data & Technology Graduates? Applications are now open for our September 2023 intake.

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