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Career transitions into tech

By EDF | Posted September 22, 2022

Summary of my job

I am part of the Shift Desk Transformation team working on an application called Axiom Power which is used by the shift traders. My job involves writing code to develop new features on the app, writing tests, and working as part of an agile team to make improvements to the software for users.

Some of the skills I use in my role are problem solving; team collaboration; coaching others; programming in typescript; using frameworks such as React and Node.js; and working with AWS which is a newer technology for me.

“The tech industry is innovative and creative and there are so many opportunities to progress” 


How I got into data and tech 

I liked the idea of a career in something creative where I would be faced with challenging problems to solve and never get bored! The tech industry is innovative and creative and there are so many opportunities to progress.

My mum is my role model because she brought me up to have the mindset that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it. I’m really grateful for that. My advice for anyone who might be interested in tech is to try to not be discouraged by stereotypes, and to go along to a taster session or get some work experience to see what a role in tech might be like!

“My passion for tech started as an interest and has grown the more I have learnt” 


Spotlight section – transitioning into a role in tech 

My passion for tech started as an interest and has grown the more I have learnt! At school I always had a keen interest in STEM subjects as well as a love for language. I took Maths, Sciences, and Spanish at A level and this interest in many subject areas caused me somewhat of a dilemma when it came to choosing a career path. I deliberated between chemical engineering, to Spanish, to Mathematics, and ended up choosing to study Speech and Language Sciences as it offered me the ability to study both language and science. Software engineering/programming/coding weren’t career options that were apparent when I was at school – I didn’t even know it existed at that time and there certainly weren’t any coding courses available at school. 

My tech journey started when my sister told me about a company called Code First Girls who were offering free courses. I attended a course in Bristol in February 2019 which consisted of weekly evening classes, and I loved it. After this I carried on teaching myself at home in the evenings and weekends using online resources. At the time I was working as a clinician (Speech and Language Therapist) in the NHS and my newfound technical knowledge inspired me in many ways with possibilities for technology to help others. I then attended a coding bootcamp called iO Academy which was half in person and half remote due to the Covid-19 pandemic! After this I started my first role as a software developer.


My Goals and Passions

Eventually, I would love to combine skills from both my careers! I have a personal goal to have my own business building applications and tools for individuals with speech, language, and communication difficulties.

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