Somerset Larder helps support those in need during Coronavirus crisis

Hinkley Point C’s catering company, Somerset Larder, is helping to support those in most need in our community during the Coronavirus crisis. 

Groceries are usually supplied to the local care homes by a supermarket but due to domestic stockpiling, supplies ran out and the supermarket was unable to fulfil the weekly order. Somerset Larder came to their rescue, ordering all of the essential supplies through their own supply chain and delivering to the care homes within 12 hours. 

Additionally, the Somerset Larder chefs have been preparing 250 meals to be sent to Fare Share South West, which helps vulnerable people through difficult times. It has previously supported the charity by donating surplus food, but has decided to step up with additional help in these challenging times.

Fareshare South West is at the centre of an emergency operation to get food to the most vulnerable in our region. The charity's spokesperson said: "We are absolutely determined not only to stay open but to level up our organisation as far as we possibly can to stop the very worst happening.

"This includes families and children going hungry who are already living on the breadline and have no budget to stockpile, isolated elderly people who already rely on meals being delivered to their homes and homeless people who are facing places offering food support closed for business."

While supermarkets seem empty, there are thousands of tonnes of surplus food in the system, in part due to the hospitality sector closing. The organisation has the capacity to redistribute this food and believes it is well placed to deliver straight to those most in need. 

However, the charity faces the challenge of continuing its existing operation as well as adding emergency assistance. This means increased cleaning, fuel, logistics and food sourcing costs as it attempts to help to bridge the food gap during this crisis. It is therefore also appealing to the public to contribute via its website.

Posted by Hinkley Point C media team

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