EDF gives statement on Hinkley Point C


EDF has today issued the following statement in response to recent press coverage of the Hinkley Point C project:

In recent days, a number of unfounded rumours and fanciful stories, from anonymous sources, have been put out in the media. They explicitly target, in a concerted way, the project to build two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point.

EDF refutes these rumours and confirms that the date of first operation of the first reactor is fixed at the end of 2025 and that no delay is anticipated.

EDF regards this anonymous press campaign as seriously harmful to our interests as well as the interests of the industry and to jobs in France and Europe.

EDF would like to reiterate that the Board, or its committees, have already met on multiple occasions to consider the Hinkley Point project, based on detailed and exhaustive information. The Board will have at its disposal all the necessary information to make a decision once the time has come to take the Final investment Decision.

(translated from French)

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