Coronavirus - what we are doing to keep the site and community safe

By David Eccles, Head of Community Relations for Hinkley Point C

I know many people are worried about Coronavirus, so I want to let you know about the steps we are taking at Hinkley Point C to keep workers and the community safe. I also want to show you pictures of what is happening on the site now to enable safe working.

Firstly, we have significantly reduced our activity on site from more than 4,000 to around 2,000 workers. This allows us to enforce social distancing.  Where we have needed to improve  social distancing, we have taken action. If we aren’t satisfied that social distancing is being properly observed, we will reduce numbers further.

We have introduced many other steps over the last few weeks, like extra cleaning, working from home, banning visitors, temperature checks and bringing in more buses to allow workers to stay apart. We also have first class medical facilities on site to look after workers and give expert advice.

The project continues – it is judged as equivalent to a project of National Critical Infrastructure by the Government  as it plays a key role in providing the UK with the clean, reliable power needed to fight climate change. I am aware that supporting suppliers now will protect livelihoods and enable the local economy to come back strongly when the crisis is over.

Self-isolation and social distancing will help us all in the current crisis, both in the community and on the site. We have the capacity to house  all our remaining workers in our Campus facilities where safety measures are in place. If you have concerns or questions, we are ready to listen, please be in touch.

Bus stop social distancing | 27 March 2020 | 06:24


Canteen social distancing | 30 March 2020 | 08:11


Clock-in machines social distancing | 30 March 2020 | 06:36

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