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Blog: How we’re delivering Hinkley Point C

By Hinkley Point C media team | Posted September 29, 2015

1. Implementing proven technology

The experience gained while constructing power stations at Flamanville and Taishan underpins our plan for Hinkley Point C. The project is based on proven technology which was approved by the UK regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation, following a four-year assessment. This assessment included 850,000 hours of engineering studies and the EPR is the only new generation reactor design which has completed this process.

2. Engaging with the local community

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. At every stage of planning this project EDF Energy engaged in extensive community consultation, spanning three years, to ensure local people’s voices were heard. Significant changes were made to the plans as a direct result of consultation feedback, and every response was given serious consideration.

The 55,000 page planning application document was only approved by the Planning Inspectorate following a year-long examination, before being approved by the Secretary of State. Our commitment to transparency goes beyond the planning stage with regular dialogue with the media, politicians and interested members of the public. As a result, we continue to listen and adjust as the project progresses.

3. Delivering with a UK workforce

The project is crucial to rebuilding the UK supply chain and skills base needed to deliver further new nuclear plants. The Hinkley Point C project will provide 25,000 employment opportunities in the UK and aims to create 1,000 apprenticeships.

This development of key skills will also help British businesses to compete for nuclear contracts across the world. Rebuilding the supply chain, and creating new planning and regulatory precedents, are all other benefits associated with this project.

4. Developing an effective supply chain

A new generation of nuclear power stations requires a large and active supply chain. Hinkley Point C will play a vital role in mobilising businesses large and small across the UK and internationally to the benefit of future new nuclear projects.

We are already working with companies across the UK and over 60% of the project’s construction value is expected to come from British companies.

5. Benefitting from international partnerships

The Hinkley Point C project builds on a Chinese Joint Venture partnership which began more than 30 years ago. Drawing on this international expertise is vital to the successful construction of the power station and Chinese industry has developed to the point that the country is planning to build almost one new nuclear power station every month.

The partnership and its positive effect on links between the UK and Chinese nuclear industries will have reciprocal benefits, with UK companies gaining exportable skills and experience.

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