Water achievement: Aggregate handling components arrive at HPC

The final large aggregate handling components have been delivered to our jetty by the vessel MPI Resolution.

The vessel set sail from Falmouth, sailed around Land’s End and up the Bristol Channel before reaching Hinkley Point C. It was positioned in two pre-agreed locations to perform five lifts, including one heavy lift of 217 tonnes.

The vessel delivered, assembled and installed the hydraulic hoist tower, service bridge power unit, jetty luffing gantry assembly and the G15 gantry. The luffing gantry can be manoeuvred to meet the different heights of cargo vessels berthed at the jetty. This enables the delivery of cargo onto the jetty conveyor belt, which will transport materials directly to the Permanent Aggregate Store.

Once the jetty is fully operational, it will allow bulk carrier ships to deliver large quantities of material needed for concrete production directly to Hinkley Point C via sea, rather than by road.

Posted by Hinkley Point C media team

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