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Fairer, greener energy for everyone

We're doing everything we can to help Britain achieve net zero. We've partnered with Ripple Energy - an innovative renewable platform - to help your home get lower-cost, sustainable electricity. 

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Buy shares in a Ripple managed, co-operative solar park or wind farm and get low cost, green electricity supplied to your home. Once built, your share of the solar park or wind farm is fully insured against damage and malfunction. Your cost is a one-off payment to fund the project's construction and you'll never be asked for more money.


Whitelaw Brae Wind Farm

Ripple's latest share offer - Whitelaw Brae Wind Farm

Buy your share of Whitelaw Brae Wind Farm - set to be the UK's biggest people-owned wind farm. 

  • 14 turbines are expected to generate around 145GWh of green energy each year. That’s the potential to power around 54,000 homes
  • In just three minutes at full capacity, it'll generate enough electricity to power a typical home for an entire year 
  • For typical households, it'll save around 1,400kg CO2 emissions each year 
  • Around £1,900 will buy enough of the wind farm to power 100% of a typical family home's annual electricity needs, with estimated savings of around £5,500 over the the project's lifetime
  • The wind farm is expected to start operating in late 2026

This share offer is now open, closing 31 May 2024, or sooner if they sell out.

“We are very excited to partner with Ripple Energy, another step forward in our ambition to help Britain achieve net zero.
Through us, customers can now invest in Ripple renewable energy projects and get the energy the project generates supplied to them at a cheaper price.
This is another great example of how EDF is helping our customers save cash and carbon.”
Rich Hughes - Director of EDF Retail

How Ripple works

  • Make a one-off payment for your share of the project's construction - this can be split in equal payments over 12 months 
  • Ripple build the project, which you part own with thousands of other people
  • We buy your electricity from the project
  • The electricity is then supplied to your home through the National Grid
  • Savings are applied to your bill, regardless of how much you use, or what tariff you're on

Your share

Purchase as much of the wind farm as you want! From as little as £25, or buy the maximum savings which is enough to generate 120% of your electricity needs. The more you buy, the more you save!

Many Ripple members own enough renewable energy to cover 100% of their electricity use. For the average home, this is about a credit card slice of a single wind turbine!

When you buy your shares in a project you become a member of the Ripple co-operative. The members own the project and Ripple manage and maintain it.

Your savings

Ripple estimate if you own enough of a project to cover 100% of your household's electricity consumption, you'll save up to 25% off your bills.

How much you save depends on the energy market: the difference between the unpredictable market price of electricity and the steady running costs of the project you've invested in.

Savings are applied to your bill regardless of how much you use, or what tariff you're on. The savings rate is set each year and savings are applied to your bill according to how much your share of the project generates each month.

Your electricity bill is made up from your home's usage and also non-energy costs. These include National Grid charges, taxes and supplier costs. You still have to pay the non-energy costs, but your bill costs should be lower and more stable.

See how much electricity your Ripple project generates

You can see your project's electricity generation through your member's dashboard, as well as forecast and historic generation. You can also track your CO2 and bill savings, to see the impact of your ownership.

How long does a project with Ripple take to build?

Times vary, but construction for a solar park or wind farm usually takes around nine to 20 months to complete. When a new project becomes available, Ripple will share the build's approximate timeline and keep you updated about its progress.

How Ripple electricity gets to your home

Ripple aren't an energy company, that's why they work with us, and other energy companies.

We get the power from your project to your home, through the National Grid - just like the electricity coming in to your home now.

And, because we’re partners of Ripple Energy, your EDF supply and tariff continue as normal.

The result!

You become the proud, co-owner of a renewable project! 

  • You'll get a credit applied each month to your energy bill, for your share of the cheaper, greener electricity your project generates
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