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Is your energy generation VAT registered?

Everything you need to know about VAT declaration and your Feed-in Tariff .

Why is it important to declare your VAT number each year?

If you're our Feed-in Tariff customer and are VAT registered, we prepare your energy generation invoices for you and apply VAT to the payments. By declaring your VAT registration status, you can make sure the invoices are correct and we're paying you the right amount. If your VAT declaration isn't done, your Feed-in Tariff payments could be temporarily stopped. But don't worry, we'll send you a reminder every year with all the information you need to declare your VAT status on time. 

Here's how to declare your VAT number

You can use this simple form below to do your annual VAT declaration. You can also use this form if you become VAT de-registered, your VAT number changes or you become VAT registered after your Feed-in Tariff application is completed. If you're responsible for more than one installation, you may need to fill out the form multiple times, ensuring you add a different FiT ID number each time. You can also notify us of these changes by emailing

If you are part of a VAT group please send us a copy of your VAT group certificate to This will confirm your VAT group registration number and the business name registered for FITs is a member of the VAT group.

We usually don't need any VAT documentation from you but if we do, we'll contact you asking for any additional details.

Your VAT declaration form

All questions must be answered, unless marked (Optional)

Feed-in Tariff VAT Renewals and Updates

To ensure that your account is accurate, please can you provide your H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) VAT Registration number of your business.

Are you still VAT registered?

Please provide details in the comments box as to when you de-registered from VAT. Please ensure you include the effective date and reason why.

Has your VAT number changed?

Please provide details in the comments box as to the effective date of VAT number change and why.

If your VAT registered business name is different from the Installation Owner name (e.g VAT grouping), please specify