Electric car news

The latest electric car news and opinions on upcoming car releases, events and technology.

electric cars of the future - four electric concept cars

Electric cars of the future

Discover electric car predictions from the past and from today. See what new concept cars are on the horizon?

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Best electric cars on the market today

Which electric car is the best?

Whether it's the best for range, comfort, features, families or in 2020, here's our definitive list.

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Cheapest electric cars

Top 10 cheapest electric cars in the UK

Discover the cheapest electric cars, including SUVs, family cars and those with a great range.

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Electric cars with the longest range

What electric cars have the longest range?

Discover which electric vehicles can do the longest number of miles per charge in the real-world.

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Question mark made up of electric cars and other low carbon objects

Interesting facts about electric cars

Ten interesting facts about electric cars that you probably didn't know

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Electric car advice

Expert information, tips and advice on electric cars, including online tools to help you compare electric and gasoline vehicles and give you accurate insights into costs, savings and journeys.

What to look for when buying an electric car

A complete guide to buying an electric car

Discover all the things you should consider when making a decision to purchase an electric car.

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Tariff guide electric car icon

Electricity Tariffs - A guide for EV drivers

Learn what to look for in an electric car tariff and how to compare them.

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Electric vehicles calculate costs

Understand the costs of running an EV

Find out what an electric car costs to buy and run – upfront and over a lifetime.

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Graphic of an electric car battery with cross section showing the cells

Understand electric car batteries

Discover all you need to know about electric car batteries. How they work, to how much they cost to replace and how they're recycled.

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EV charging electric cars

EV charging options: when, where & how

Learn about all the different options for charging your electric car on the go and at home.

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Used electric car number plate

Used electric cars: should you buy one?

Find out if it's worth buying an EV second hand and what to consider if you do.

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Father and son next to a VW e-Golf electric car

What are the benefits of electric cars?

Learn about the benefits of electric cars and the advantages over internal combustion vehicles.

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Electric cars and the environment

Electric cars and the environment

Are electric cars better for the environment? We take a look...

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Office for Low Emission Vehicles grants and schemes

Grants, subsidies and schemes for electric cars

Find out what government grants are available for your home or your business

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set of spanners on a teal background

Maintenance & servicing electric vehicles

Learn about maintenance and servicing for your electric car.

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DVLA road tax and company car tax on electric vehicles

Road tax & company car tax on electric vehicles

Learn more about the tax incentives and benefits available for electric cars.

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How do electric cars work? Anatomy of a car

How do electric cars work?

There are different types of electric cars from hybrids to pure electric – so find the car that suits you best.

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Diagram of a smart grid using an electric vehicle for microgeneration

Use your EV battery to power a building

An electric vehicle can power a building, help balance the grid and even generate an income

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