Jenny Griffiths, 27

Job title: Computer Scientist and Founder & CEO of Snap Fashion

Qualifications: Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Bristol (1st Class Hons)

Jenny Griffiths is a 28 year old computer scientist and founder of Snap Fashion, a visual search engine for fashion. Jenny invented Snap Fashion’s fashion-finding technology whilst studying for her Masters in Computer Science at Bristol University, going on to launch the app officially a few years after she graduated in 2012.

At school she was interested in Science and ICT, as well as Music and English, but before she went to university she worried thought she would have to choose to either pursue an Arts or Science career. She never thought she would invent something which would enable her to keep up with all of her interests and skills.

The Snap Fashion app and website allows people to take a photo of an item of clothing they like that they see in a magazine or in person, and then the use the app’s visual search technology to find a similar item available they can go and buy on the high street or online.

Snap Fashion has already attracted a huge following and receives 250,000 Snaps per month. Plus in August this year, Time Inc, the magazine publisher that’s home to titles such as Marie Claire, invested in Snap Fashion for an undisclosed sum. The app has won a whole raft of awards including Cisco’s British Innovation Gateway Award and Jenny herself received an MBE for her services to Innovation in the Digital Fashion Industry.

Jenny says: “Technology and science are going to take us places we never could have imagined in future. It’s therefore so important that both men and women have an influence over its development and how it affects our daily lives and bring a fresh perspective to technology and new innovations.

Studying Computer Science enabled me to develop the skills to invent my own fashion-finding app for men and women. I feel so lucky to be able to code and run my business during the day and attend events such as London Fashion Week in the evenings. I’d seriously recommend girls keep their options open and studying science or technology so we can all play a part in making everyday objects better and better and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”