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Lily's career in nuclear at Heysham 1

Posted August 24, 2023

After studying her A levels, Lily joined EDF as an Engineering Maintenance Apprentice at Heysham 1 Power Station. Now working as a Maintenance Technician, Lily shares how Heysham provides career opportunities like no other.

Why did you choose to join Heysham 1?

EDF is a local employer that provides a good, established, and recognised apprenticeship programme. I live close to Heysham Power Station, and it has excellent transport links to the M6, an hour to Manchester and less than an hour to the Lake District. 

What inspired your career in energy?

My Physics teacher previously worked for National Grid, and she talked highly of her career within the energy sector. During my school years, I had visits to Heysham 1, which inspired me to apply for the apprenticeship. 

Energy is a utility we will always require, making it viable to become a lifelong career.

Lily, Maintenance Technician

What are the most valuable skills and experience you’ve developed? 

Fault finding is a very valuable skill that gives great job satisfaction when the problem is resolved. Working with different people in various departments, such as Engineering, Work Management, and Operations, enhances communication and people skills. 

In March 2023 it was announced that Heysham 1 would continue to generate electricity until 2026, two years longer than previously planned. Tell us about the impact that the lifetime extension will have on your role and the opportunities it offers?

A lifetime extension allows for me to further develop my skills and confidence as a new Maintenance Technician. It will give me a chance to see jobs I haven’t seen before, widening my plant knowledge. 

Where would you like to take your career with EDF in the future?

There are many progression routes available at EDF, whether it be in maintenance or other departments. I hope to become involved in upcoming projects, taking on new responsibilities, broadening my skill set.

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More about Heysham 1 

Heysham 1 is a nuclear power station on the north west coast of England near Lancaster and has been generating energy for the UK since 1983 – over 40 years! 

Heysham is the only site in the UK to have two operating nuclear power stations – Heysham 1 and Heysham 2. Learn more about the site and book a tour.