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EDF is proud to sponsor the Round Britain Climate Challenge

As part of the run up to COP26, the UN’s climate summit in Glasgow, EDF is partnering a very special challenge.

An important update on the Round Britain Climate Challenge

The below statement has been issued from the Round Britain Climate Challenge Team. Everyone at EDF is truly saddened to learn about this tragic news. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Dan Burton, Sacha Dench and the whole Conservation Without Borders team.

Conservation Without Borders Incident Statement 

In the last stages of the Round Britain Climate challenge a major incident has occurred involving the lead and support paramotors on the expedition. The incident occurred in the Western Highlands of Scotland near Loch Na Gainmhich.

We are very sorry to have to confirm that Dan Burton, the support paramotorist has died as a result of the accident. Sacha Dench is seriously injured and is being treated in hospital. Her injuries are serious but not life threatening.

Both highly experienced paramotorists, our thoughts are with the family of Dan Burton to whom we offer our sincere condolences.
The incident was attended by police and medics and enquiries are underway to establish the details of the accident. 

The families have been informed. At this stage we would request that the privacy of the individuals and families involved be respected.

Given these circumstances the Round Britain Climate Challenge is put on hold.

The Trustees, Conservation Without Borders 

Supporting a Guinness World Record attempt to raise awareness of climate change

We’re the headline sponsor for a world-first circumnavigation of mainland Britain undertaken by climate activist and ‘human swan’, Sacha Dench, in a specially adapted electric paramotor. It’s called the Round Britain Climate Challenge.

Why we’re sponsoring the Round Britain Climate Challenge

EDF is the only company generating zero-carbon electricity(1) from wind, nuclear and solar. We’re also helping to secure Britain’s future demand for clean energy thanks to new nuclear and renewables projects, and we’re helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint with market-leading electric vehicle and heat propositions.

Tesco rooftop solar
Tesco rooftop solar

As Britain's biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity EDF will have a major part to play in Helping Britain achieve Net Zero by 2050. By supporting the Round Britain Climate Challenge we can showcase all our Net Zero activities to a national and international audience and demonstrate how serious we are about raising awareness of climate issues. 

"As Britain’s biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity, generating power from wind, nuclear and solar, EDF is excited to support the Round Britain Climate Challenge. It is a brilliant initiative to highlight climate change and some of the amazing people tackling it. Let’s break some world records and let’s help Britain achieve Net Zero."

Simone Rossi,

"I am very thankful to all the sponsors and supporters who have stepped up to make this happen, particularly our major backers EDF. Together we want to capture the imagination of young and old, rural and urban, and focus on answers to the climate crisis – not problems. Climate change has to be seen as a mountain we can climb."

Sacha Dench,
Founder of Conservation Without Borders

More about the challenge

The challenge starts in June with Sacha taking to the skies from Glasgow in her attempt to fly over 3000 miles in just six weeks. On her epic journey around Britain, she’ll meet people from all walks of life tackling climate change and biodiversity challenges, hoping to answer the question ‘Britain drove the Industrial Revolution, can we drive the Green Revolution too?’ They’ll be hosted by climate heroes from industry, agriculture, communities and conservation as well as other partners who are providing campsites each night.

Can we count on your support?

Sacha is hoping to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest flight around Britain in a paramotor. It’s an extreme test, over some challenging and spectacular landscapes, and her newly-adapted electric paramotor will be pushed to the limit.

But that’s not the only record being attempted because the Round Britain Climate Challenge is also hoping to get at least 140,000 people to sign up to CountUsIn, a global carbon initiative, in one month. We know there are so many families and households across the UK as passionate about reaching Net Zero as we are.

Follow the challenge

You can follow the challenge via live video updates from air, ground and underwater. And look out for the supporting campaign to rally enthusiasm, optimism and ambition from the whole country to cut our carbon footprint, at work and at home. There’s going to be lots of media interest in the challenge so lookout for updates on the national and regional news throughout the six weeks.