What happened to my British Energy shares?

British Energy was acquired by EDF S.A., effective as of 5 January 2009. If you did not return a Form of Acceptance by 5 December 2008, your shares  would have been subject to a compulsory purchase at 774p per share. The funds are being held for you by the registrars, Equiniti. To receive these funds you need to contact Equiniti by calling 0371 384 2045 or in writing at Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA.


What are the Nuclear Power Notes?

The Nuclear Power Notes were issued to those British Energy shareholders who elected to receive them in lieu of 74p cash, as part of the Acquisition of British Energy by EDF. The Nuclear Power Notes were a ten year instrument (2009 – 2019) which were offered in conjunction with the takeover of British Energy by EDF S.A. The Notes gave ex-British Energy shareholders a continuing interest in the eight nuclear power stations that were previously owned by British Energy (now known as the EDF Energy Nuclear Generation fleet), which may have resulted in an annual cash payment. The Nuclear Power Notes matured on 7 February 2019.

The table below shows the history of the Annual CVR Payments:












Date of announcement

18 Jan 2010

14 Jan 2011

13 Jan 2012

14 Jan 2013

14 Jan 2014

14 Jan 2015

14 Jan 2016

13 Jan 2017

12 Jan 2018

16 Jan 2019

Amount (p)












I have not received a payment for the 2009 and 2018 Annual CVR Payments 

Any payments were made by electronic transfer only. If you did not receive your payment from Computershare, you need to contact them on +44 (0)870 707 1760 and request a Dividend Mandate Form. Once Computershare has received your form, they will be able to transfer the funds to you.


What happened to my London Electricity plc shares?

London Electricity plc was taken over by EDF Energy on 10 April 1997 and all shares were acquired by EDF Energy under the terms of the takeover offer. Shareholders were entitled to payment for their shares and would have received a payment at the time for their shares. All outstanding entitlements from this takeover are being held by the Court and you will need to contact the Court if you believe that you have an entitlement due.


Who do I contact about my London Electricity plc shares?

Please contact the Court in writing at the following address:

Sandra Drummond
Chancery Chambers
Rolls Building
Royal Courts of Justice
7 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane
London EC4A 1NL


Who do I contact about my Seeboard plc shares?

Seeboard plc, which used to be owned by EDF Energy, has been sold to UK Power Networks. You will need to contact UK Power Networks directly about your Seeboard plc shares at the following address:

The Company Secretary
UK Power Networks Services (South East) Limited
Newington House
237 Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 6NP