As an EDF Energy business customer you can expect a great service. We give you choice and make buying your energy simple to do and easy to understand. Choosing the right contract for your organisation can save you time, money and energy. Call us on 0800 328 0404(1)

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Fixed price electricity contracts

Ideal for businesses looking to fix all or some of their energy costs.

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Flex purchasing electricity contracts

If your organisation needs to control when and how much energy is needed, one of our flexible contracts is for you.

Why choose EDF Energy?

Contracts that fit your needs

  • No hidden charges Honesty is always the best policy. Which is why, when you get a quote from us, all the costs are clear.
  • Expert support Take the concern out of changing supplier. We will set up your accounts quickly and correctly.
  • Services to help you From online account management to ways to save energy; we’re here to help you.

Still have questions?

Get in touch to talk about the fixed or flex price electricity contract that's right for your business. 0800 328 0404(1)


What to expect from us

Help to understand what you’re buying

  • Our useful guides make buying and using energy easier to understand
  • Keep up to date with wholesale price changes through our free fortnightly newsletter

A choice of contracts to fit your requirements

  • Fixed prices for fixed periods
  • Flexible contracts to suit your budget cycles
  • Bespoke contracts to help you meet your sustainability targets

Simple ways to manage your account

  • Consolidated bills
  • eBilling
  • View usage history and submit meter readings online

Help to save energy

  • Reports that show how you consume energy
  • Advice from technical experts
  • Advanced efficiency programmes that build savings into your contract
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Performance contracts for a sustainable business

Investing in sustainability? Working towards low carbon targets? With our Performance Contract, we’ll be committed to you achieving your goals.