Renewing your EDF Energy contract - when can I renew?

Thanks for choosing EDF Energy to supply your business electricity. We hope you’ve made the most out of being our customer and that you’ve been satisfied with our service.

Before the end of your contract

We do our best to get in touch with you and agree a new deal well before your contract ends. You can expect us to contact you about 200 days before your contract is due for renewal. If we can’t reach you the first time, we keep trying at regular intervals from then until your renewal date.

We’ll talk you through everything you need to know, so that you can decide what to do next. 

You’ll get an up-to-date quote, which you can accept there and then. Or you can shop around and see how our price compares to other suppliers. Ensure you get a like-for-like quote as some contracts may seem the same but have different Terms and Conditions.

Our quotes are based on energy market prices so they can change at any time. If our quote expires while you’re making up your mind, don’t worry: just ask, and we’ll provide you with an updated one.


At the end of your contract

If you’ve accepted one of our quotes, your new contract automatically starts on your renewal date. You don’t have to do anything else and can carry on enjoying our service.

If you haven’t agreed a new contract, don’t worry, we’ll keep supplying you with energy, but you’ll be transferred on to our Extended Supply rates. These are often more expensive than our other rates, and unlike our Fixed contracts, they can be affected by wholesale market price changes.

We want to help you find the right contract for your business, so if you want to make a move off Extended Supply onto a new contract, call 0845 300 6929.(1)

If you decide to switch to another supplier, your new supplier must make sure they apply for the transfer to happen on the correct date, and please ensure that your balance with us is settled. If something’s wrong with the dates or the balance, we’ll have to challenge the supply transfer. 

Better service

We listen to you and act on your feedback where we can. From taking care of the paperwork to helping you put energy at the heart of your business strategy, our teams are here to help.

There are many ways to get in touch: email, phone or online self-service

  • Our quality is accredited: The way we market and sell electricity and services has been recognised with the international standard for Quality Management, ISO 9001, since March 2012.
  • We invest in customer support: We’re always updating and improving our processes to give you more tailored and helpful communications. Whenever we make significant changes, we keep you informed and do our best to limit any disruption.
  • Quick complaint handling: Even in the best organisations, people can make mistakes and systems go wrong. When mistakes happen, we act promptly and courteously to put them right. We aim to resolve all complaints by the end of the next working day – though at peak times or for complex complaints, we may take longer. Every dissatisfied customer is an opportunity for us to improve, but we want to reduce the need to complain as much as possible. You can see the process we use, and check how we’re doing.

Fair value

Energy costs affect different organisations in different ways. To help you manage costs, we offer expert insight, plus a range of useful products and services.

  • Better ways to fix your prices: Our Fixed + Peace of Mind contract fixes all wholesale market charges and third party Renewable Obligations and Feed In Tariff charges for the duration of your contract- your rate won't change if your energy use does. Our Fixed + Protect and Fixed + Reflective contracts let you see, understand and choose a tolerance level for the variations in your energy use.
  • More control with flexible purchasing: Choose to purchase your energy flexibly through us at wholesale market prices, and you’ll get access to Market Insight and Energy View. Market Insight keeps you in the know about the energy market, and Energy View lets you analyse your energy use – putting you in control of your spending.
  • Save energy: Our energy engineers are on hand to help you reduce your energy use or generate your own energy. They’re trained and accredited to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol, and our energy audits adhere to the relevant British Standard, BS EN 16247.


From ensuring our letters to you are easy to read, to making energy easier to understand, we aim to help our busy customers however we can.

  • Clear communication: Our Trust Test makes sure all our communications with customers are fair, professional, appropriate, transparent and honest.
  • Clear contract information: You'll know exactly what you're signing up to, what you need to do and when. If you're on a contract that can be affected by wholesale price changes, we'll remind you to get in touch and discuss other options. If your prices are about to change, we’ll write to you at least 30 days before.
  • Billing: Your bill states exactly what you need to pay for your energy use, by when, how we worked it out and who to talk to if you have a query.
  • Cutting through complexity: We can help you make savings, manage risk and contribute to your sustainability targets using Power Purchase Agreements, National Connections Services, long-term low-carbon supplies and other innovative products.
  • Talk Power: Our networking and insight programme includes an annual conference, regional and local workshops, reference materials and the Let’s Talk Power website to keep you up to date with the latest energy news. Meanwhile, Business Energyscope keeps you up to date with UK energy policies and schemes and how they affect your business.
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Get a quote now

If you’d rather not wait for us to get in touch, or you want to be prepared when we call, here’s how to start the ball rolling.

To find out when your contract ends, you can look on your original contract or welcome letter. You can also call us on 0845 328 9030(1).

To check which new contract may be best for you find out more here.