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EDF Energy as we know it today was born in 2003

But our history actually began during the years leading up to 2002, when three energy companies ─ SEEBoard, London Energy and SWEB ─ were brought together.

Since then, we've grown steadily, integrating and streamlining our operations to become more responsive and effective in a fast-changing marketplace.

The combination of EDF Energy and British Energy in 2009 forms one of the UK’s largest energy companies. The combined business is the UK’s largest producer of electricity.

We’re now involved in some of the UK’s most important projects and developments. Growing to become one of the country’s largest energy companies in such a short time is an impressive achievement.

EDF Energy: a brief history of acquisitions and mergers

  • London Electricity, merged - November 1998
  • SWEB supply business, merged - July 1999
  • Sutton Bridge Power Station, acquired - April 2000
  • Cottam Power Station, acquired - December 2000
  • West Burton Power Station, acquired- December 2001
  • EPN Distribution, merged  - January 2002
  • SEEBoard, merged- July 2002
  • British Energy, acquired - January 2009
  • Sale of UK electricity distribution networks and non-regulated network activities to Cheung Kong Group – October 2010