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Since the Green Fund was launched in 2001, EDF Energy has awarded more than £5 million to 305 renewable energy projects in the UK. More than £2 million has been given to 129 educational projects – including those in schools, nurseries and colleges.

Green Tariff is now part of the Green Energy Certification Scheme. This voluntary scheme has been set up to independently certify tariffs to 
ensure they meet the required level of environmental benefit.

The money raised through our Green Tariff is placed in the Green Fund and used to award grants to community, non-profit, charitable and educational organisations across the UK.

The Green Fund awards grants to organisations who apply for funds to help cover the cost of renewable energy technologies.  These technologies can be used to produce green energy from the sun, wind, water, wood and other renewable sources.


Applications for funding closed on 31st August 2013.

How is the Green Fund used?
The EDF Energy Green Fund exists to help develop micro-generation technology through funding of schemes in organisations with a social purpose.  These projects must be located within England, Scotland or Wales.  Organisations which have benefited or could benefit from funding include:

  •  schools and universities
  •  local community buildings such as local authority meeting rooms and village halls
  •  museums
  •  churches

If you are not a registered charity, we ask that you provide further proof of your status as a non-profit making enterprise, such as incorporation documents if you are a company limited by guarantee, or if you are a community organisation, copies of your constitution, trust deed, articles of association etc.  You should include this proof of status along with your supporting documents when submitting an application, in order to ensure your application is accepted.

You can view past schemes that have been awarded the Green Fund on our projects tab of this section.

How is funding allocated?

The judging is completed in two stages, in order to make it as fair and impartial as possible.  All judging is done against pre-set criteria, so that all applicants are treated equally. 

Stage 1 Objective paper judging - In this stage, all the forms are input in to a central database, and questions with limited answers (e.g. check boxes or a number) are scored against set criteria.  We will also look at the generation capacity and efficiency of the technology choice, and potential CO2 abatement. At this stage we will discount ineligible applications, such as those who are only for the benefit of private houses or businesses.  Dependant on application volume, we may also discount low scoring applications at this stage.
Stage 2 Panel judging - A panel of two including a leading independent and impartial energy expert, now judge each of the applications.  The panel will look at the submissions given with open answers, scoring each question against the values to produce a final score for each applicant.  The panel will then recommend the applicants to be approved for funding, based on this score.


After the judging process

After the judging process is completed, all applicants will be informed in writing, of the decision that has been made, normally within 12 weeks of the closing date.  There is only a limited amount of funds, and it may be the case that we cannot fund some good projects.  We urge you to spend time on your application to give yourself the best chance of success.

Due to the volume of applications received, we are not able to commit to giving detailed feedback to every project as to the reasons they were not successful.

If your application is successful, we will include a form to sign which indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions of Green Fund support, which are outlined in this document.  Please ensure that you are happy to be bound by all the conditions in this document, as your refusal to accept the conditions if we make an offer, will unfortunately mean we will be unable to support your project.  If this is the case, any monies allocated will be released back in to the fund.

Once we have received your signed acceptance of the offer, it will take approximately six weeks for us to release any payment.  Please ensure you include this time in any timelines or project plans when planning your scheme.

This process may be delayed if you do not provide all of the information we require.  Please pay careful attention to the list of required documents at the end of the application form if you wish to avoid unnecessary delay.

We set up the Green Fund in 2001 when we launched Green Tariff (withdrawn from sale 30 October 2012)– a product that lets you help support renewable energy by funding renewable projects. Below are a selection of the 305 projects that have received support from the Green Fund, ranging from solar power to hydro-generation.

Lazonby Pool in Penrith

This community swimming pool in Penrith has been awarded funding from EDF Energy for the installation of a new river source heat pump which will prove to be more sustainable and energy efficient, providing the pool with all of its heating needs.

Hartpury College

This college in Gloucester has been awarded a grant from EDF Energy that will help towards the installation of 200 solar panels on the accommodation roof at Hartpury College, Gloucester.

Swansea Education Project

An education project near Swansea was awarded funding to help pay towards a biomass boiler, providing all the heating and hot water needs.  This technology was installed at the Down to Earth Project, in Murton near Swansea.

Egglescliffe Comprehensive Secondary School

Received a grant towards photovoltaic solar panels from the EDF Energy Green Fund.  The opening ceremony was attended by the Shadow Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, Caroline Flint MP, to officially open the new renewable energy project.


*If you are unable to view our Green Fund Application forms please go to and download Word Viewer. It’s free of charge and will only take a few minutes to install.

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