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Current available tariffs

Blue+Price Promise February 2016 welcome booklet (Launched 26 June 2014)

Blue+Fixed Prepay October 2016 welcome booklet (Launched 08 July 2014)

Blue+Price Freeeeze July 2017 welcome booklet (Launched 08 April 2014)

Standard (Variable) welcome booklet

Old tariffs

Additional Charges

Full Terms and Conditions

Blue+Price Promise August 2015 welcome booklet (withdrawn 25 June 2014)

Blue+Price Promise July 2015 welcome booklet (withdrawn 24 April 2014)

Blue+Price Promise June 2015 welcome booklet (withdrawn 07 April 2014)

Blue+Price Freeeeze March 2017 welcome booklet (withdrawn 07 April 2014)

Blue+Price Promise April 2015  (withdrawn from sale 30 January  2014)

Blue+Price Promise March 2015 (withdrawn from sale 31 October 2013)

Blue+Price Freeeeze November 2016 (withdrawn from sale 03 October 2013)

Blue+Price Promise December 2014 (withdrawn from sale 03 October 2013)

Blue+Price Promise September 2014 (withdrawn from sale 28 August 2013)

Blue +Price Promise February 2015 (withdrawn from sale 3 July 2013)

Blue+Fixed Price March 2015 (withdrawn from sale 4 March 2013)

Deemed -Terms and Conditions and Electricity and Gas Prices (Residential) (prices post 03 Jan 2014)

Deemed - Electricity and Gas Prices (prices pre 03 Jan 2014)

Deemed-Terms and Conditions (Residential) (prices pre 03 Jan 2014)

Eco 20:20

Fixed Price 2015 (withdrawn from sale 18 April 2011)

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The terms and conditions of our Blue+Price Promise tariffs allow us to make changes at any time, as long as those changes are not to our customers' disadvantage. We've been listening to our customers, and as a result of their feedback we have now changed the terms and conditions of all of our Blue+Price Promise tariffs, as follows: All Blue+Price Promise customers now have the right to opt out of receiving price alerts. If you're a Blue+Price Promise customer we'll continue sending you alerts unless you ask us not to. If you do opt out then you have the right to opt back in at any time. To stop receiving alerts then all you need to do is fill out our price alert opt out form