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All our fixed tariffs are backed by zero carbon electricity we generate ourselves(1)

If you have an old multi-rate meter, you might be affected by the shutdown of the Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS) in March 2025. Read our helpful article that explains what you need to know and how to determine if your meter relies on the RTS. If it does, don't worry—we can install a smart meter that will allow your heating and hot water to work without relying on a radio signal.

Our free EDF mobile app

All you have to do is download the app. To log in, use your Myaccount username and password. It's that simple! Once you're in, you can:

  • Make payments and top up your meter - the quickest and easiest way to top up is through our mobile app
  • Track your energy usage 
  • Submit meter readings or take a photo of your meter, and we'll do it for you!
  • Check your balance and set low balance alerts

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How we're helping customers save on energy bills

Air source heat pump outside in the garden of a detached home

Introducing our Heat Pump Tracker tariff trial

If you have a heat pump, our Heat Pump Tracker tariff could be the best option for you! Priced the same as our Standard (Variable) tariff, it offers heat pump customers six hours of discounted rates daily. Switch to our Heat Pump Tracker tariff now and see if you can save!

Join our customers who are cutting their usage and bills

Having control over your energy consumption is easier than ever with a smart meter and our free Energy Hub(2). Keep a close eye on your usage patterns, reduce your carbon footprint and possibly save on your bills.

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Turn into a net zero hero!

modern house with solar panels

Soak up the winter sun and help Britain achieve net zero

With a solar panel system, you could save up to 74%(3) on your annual energy bill – that’s a lot of roast dinners!

Upgrade your heating to an ashp

With gas boilers being phased out, many homeowners want to upgrade their heating systems. An energy-efficient air source heat pump can save energy and reduce carbon footprint. 

Upgrading your heating system to an air source heat pump helps reduce your carbon footprint. Prices start from £3,500 in England and Wales or £3,000 in Scotland (including the government grant).

Electric cars - vauhall corsa

Drive electric and help reach Net Zero

Driving electric cars (EVs) will help cut Britain’s carbon emissions. We have everything you need to drive electric – electric car leasing deals, home charging points and zero carbon EV tariffs(4).

Managing your EDF account or getting help

Migration update

We're upgrading our customer platform for residential and SME customers. We'll notify you via email or letter once you're selected for migration and provide your new account number. You don't need to contact us. We will be in touch once you're selected. In the meantime, stay updated with our progress.

Have a problem that needs fixing? Or you need more information to understand things like your bills or how Direct Debit payments work for example. Our Help Centre may have the info you need.

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Our fixed tariffs are backed by zero carbon electricity we generate ourselves(1)