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The EDF Energy web site has been designed to be as accessible as possible and compatible with the types of adaptive technology used by people with special needs, including screen readers.

Here are some tips to make life easier for you when using our web site.

Navigating this web site

To navigate through this web site, please use the top menu bar to choose a main section and then click on a sub-section within the second level navigation. The menu (on the left-hand side of the page) lists all the products/services that can be found within that area.

Attention - MAC users
Why do I get "Security failure" error message when using Internet Explorer?

There is a known issue with Internet Explorer for Macintosh. You may see an error message that says:

"Security failure. Data decryption error" when you attempt to access a secure page on our website, (for example, the meter reading page or our fuel sign up pages).

Use an alternative browser like Safari (included as standard) or Firefox. Visit for more information on this browser.

To alter the font type and size

For improved visibility, our web site allows you to increase (or decrease) the size of text and alter the choice of font, to suit your preferences.

Internet Explorer Users
To alter the size of the text on this web site, select 'View' (found on the menu bar across the top of your browser), then Text Size, and then your preferred size.

You can also hold down CTRL and use the mouse wheel at the same time to almost infinitely change the text sizes on our web site

Mozilla Firefox users
Use the mouse wheel (or hold down CTRL and use + key to increase font) to change the text sizes on our web site

Netscape users
Go to 'View' and then choose 'Increase Font' as many times as you find necessary for the size you want

To alter the choice of font:
Internet Explorer Users

  • Open your 'Internet Options' window by going to 'Tools'
  • Under History, choose 'Fonts' and select your preferred style, then click 'OK'
  • Go to 'Accessibility' within 'Internet Options' and click on 'Ignore font styles/font sizes specified on Web pages'
  • Then click 'OK'. You should now see a difference in font.

Netscape Users

  • Go to 'Edit' 'Preferences', 'Appearance', 'Fonts'
  • Choose 'Use my default fonts, overriding document-specified fonts'

To alter the colour of text and background

You may find specific colours enable you to view our web site easier.

Internet Explorer Users

  • Open your 'Internet Options' window by going to 'Tools'
  • Under History, choose 'Accessibility' and click on 'Ignore colours specified on Web pages'
  • Then click 'OK'.

Netscape Users

  • Go to 'Edit' 'Preferences', 'Appearance', 'Colours'
  • Choose 'Always use my colours, overriding document', then choose your colours.

Hearing Impaired Customers

Our site has been designed to allow Screen Readers to read our pages. Customers with hearing difficulties can also find out about our products and services via Text telephone on: 0800 096 2929*.

Visually Impaired Customers

If you would like to receive your bill in an appropriate format such as large print Braille, audio tape, or receive our Priority Services Register 'Code of Practice' in larger print, please contact us on 0800 269 450*.

Your Say

If you come across a part of our site that is difficult to use, please tell us about it. We intend to keep improving our accessibility - so to help us do it, please send us your comments.

* Calls may be monitored and recorded as part of our customer care programme.