Nuclear generation: Our journey towards Zero Harm

EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies and its largest producer of low-carbon electricity. Because nuclear safety is our overriding priority, we have produced a summary of our nuclear safety and waste policies, and management systems.

Protecting the public

Safety is our number one priority. Nuclear power stations are highly regulated in all security and safety matters. Our safety standards are rightly very high and our emergency arrangements are rigorously planned and rehearsed.

General information about nuclear safety and security

This policy represents our corporate commitment to nuclear safety and is implemented via our management processes.

Unplanned plant shut-downs

According to worldwide industry accepted best practice, the implementation  of a rigorous process-based approach to plant operational management is an effective and robust means to ensure sustainably high safety and environmental performance including avoidance of unplanned shutdowns.

Incidents and events

The company’s management system implements the following principles relating specifically to the avoidance, reporting and mitigation of incidents and events.

Risk and safety assessments

The company, as an owner and operator of commercial nuclear power plant, is responsible for the safety of its employees and the public and aims to minimise risks arising from normal operation and from any nuclear accident arising from its installations and from natural events.


Security is about protecting our physical assets and information, our staff, and the public from any event which could adversely affect the integrity of our assets or availability of information. Security is also about ensuring that the right systems, processes and procedures are in place to deliver safe, secure and responsible nuclear electricity.

Radiation exposure

We are committed to maintain a comprehensive radiological protection programme safeguarding all our employees and contractors and the general public against the hazards of ionising radiation arising from operating our plants.

General and operational waste

Our Environmental Management System is built around an Environmental Policy, which includes a statement that we will seek to reduce the generation of all types of waste, both conventional and radioactive, to a practicable minimum.

Spent fuel

EDF Energy is committed to applying the principles of sustainable development to all its activities, and is demonstrating this commitment through numerous programmes of work and control systems.

Decommissioning and waste

The company as owner operator and licensee is responsible for ensuring the safe decommissioning of all of the nuclear power station sites.

Fukushima response

Following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on 11 March 2011, and the subsequent nuclear incident at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, EDF Energy has committed to further enhance its robust safety standards across its fleet of eight nuclear power plants.

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