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Location: South of Largs, Ayrshire, on the west coast of Scotland.

Reactor type: AGR

Net electrical output: 890 MW. Operating at its currently reduced level of around 70% of full output, Hunterston B is capable of supplying over 1.5 million homes.

No. of reactors: 2

Built: 1967-1976

Start of generation: 6 Feb 1976

Output for the year ended 31 December 2011: 6.3 TWh

Estimated decommissioning date: 2023

Address: EDF Energy, Hunterston B power station, West Kilbride, Ayrshire KA23 9QJ.

Hunterston B reception: +44 (0)1294 826000

Hunterston B Station Director: Colin Weir
Colin Weir joined British Energy in 1992 and has spent most of that time based at Hunterston B Power Station. His first role was as Control and Instrumentation Maintenance Engineer at Hunterston B with responsibilities for maintenance and improvement projects. 

In 1999 Colin became project site lead for the implementation of WMP, a business process change project to install a new work management software system.

By 2002, Colin had posts as Work Management Group Head and Protection and Electrical Group Head. Still at Hunterston B, in 2004 Colin held managerial posts in both maintenance and system health. As System Health Manager, he was responsible for the establishment of the department and the management of change from the original organisational structure.

In 2007 Colin moved to Torness to take up the post of Fuel Route Recovery Project Manager and lead recovery operations to return the units to full power and high fuel availability.

Returning to Hunterston later in 2007, Colin took up the post of Plant Manager, responsible for all plant operational activities.

In August 2010 Colin took on the role of acting Station Director, before becoming Station Director January 2011

Monthly Station Reports