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New Nuclear: Building a reliable and affordable energy supply

To provide a secure energy supply for the future, the UK needs a diverse and balanced Energy Mix, rather than depending too heavily on only a small number of energy sources. Nuclear power stations are ideally placed to contribute to this mix, as they generate low-carbon electricity reliably.

By as early as 2020 many of the UK's power stations are scheduled to close, leaving a potential Energy Gap. If supply falls short of demand, there is a risk that electricity supplies could be interrupted, which would pose significant problems for both industry and individuals.

EDF is committed to securing our Energy Future by helping bridge the potential energy gap through investment in an energy mix that balances the needs of low-carbon emissions, security of supply, and affordability.

Nuclear power is the most affordable large-scale low-carbon energy source currently available to the UK. EDF Energy owns and operates eight of the UK's ten nuclear power stations and has plans to expand two of these sites, Hinkley Point and Sizewell, by building four new nuclear reactors.

Hinkley Point C »

The new nuclear power plant will provide energy to around five
million homes.

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