As part of the changing energy landscape and need to keep the National Grid stable, there is a huge push for businesses to be low carbon, lower their consumption and increase efficiency.

EDF Energy can help you do this while saving you money on both running and energy costs, delivering greater efficiencies through city-wide low carbon district heating and cooling networks.

How can district heating benefit my business?

  • Reduce your carbon emissions with centralised generation.
  • Save on energy costs with increased energy efficiency.
  • Save money on running costs with no need for individual boilers or chillers.
  • Support the low carbon future as new low-carbon sources of heat can be easily connected to the network as they become available.

What are district heating networks?

A district heating system is a network of insulated pipes, which delivers heat (or chilled water) from a centralised energy centre to multiple end users. The heat sources may be generated from a combined heat and power plant (CHP), from renewable alternatives, such as biomass, or from chillers, for cooling systems.

District heating systems vary in size – from a network running just between flats and houses to networks spanning entire cities. The larger the network, the greater the efficiency and carbon-saving potential.

Why choose our district heating and cooling networks?

  • We meet the social, environmental and economic needs of towns, cities and communities through innovative low carbon infrastructure to organisations.
  • We provide more choices to customers, enabling them to take greater control of their energy consumption.
  • With help from our parent company Dalkia, who operate over 350 schemes in Europe, we can provide a vast amount of skills and expertise in the delivery and management of district heating and cooling infrastructure projects.
  • We provide flexible technical, finance and commercial solutions.

EDF Energy district heating case study

Barkantine Heating Network (London)

The Barkantine Heat and Power Company (BHPC), is a local initiative that harnesses a leading energy efficiency strategy.

This project has achieved its main objectives:​

  • Carbon savings
  • Energy efficiency
  • Savings for customers on energy costs
  • BHPC has saved 2500 tonnes of CO2 each year and is up to 30% more efficient than conventional heat and power systems


The energy centre and distribution infrastructure provides heat to both residential and commercial customers. It incorporates a 1.4MWe CHP engine to meet the baseload heat requirements, and four 1.4MWth heat-only boilers for top-up and peak load requirements. The heat is distributed through 2.4 km of underground mains.

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