Keep your home toasty this winter

There’s nothing better than coming in from the cold and rain to a warm home. From boiler maintenance, to cover and tips on insulation – here are our boiler tips for winter.

Keep your boiler in tip top condition

A working boiler is essential to a happy home. Don’t leave anything to chance – keep your boiler happy, and you’ll keep the whole family warm. 

Fix a broken boiler

Just turned on the heating and your boiler isn't working? Don’t worry! Book a repair now and get your home nice and toasty in no time. 

Get insurance over the chilly months

Make sure you have one less thing to worry about during winter and get your boiler, or your whole heating system insured. Enjoy out extra warm boiler insurance. 

We offer three types of insurance:

Boiler: if you're looking for the best gas boiler cover, you’re in the right place. Get total peace of mind that if your boiler breaks, you're covered.

Heating: cover your whole central heating system for a no-worries winter.

Total: cover your whole energy supply, leave nothing to chance and keep toasty!

Cut down on bills with insulation

We have a variety of insulation products to keep the warmth in your home and lower your bills. You can choose from:

Solid wall insulation: get older solid-wall homes clad for extra insulation.

Loft insulation: don’t lose heat through your roof.

Cavity wall insulation: insulate gaps to stop heat leaking out.

Priority Services – extra support for those in need

If you're worried about bills, managing your money or need additional support we're here to lend a hand through our Priority Services Register (PSR). We can support you with alternative billing formats, a free gas safety check, bill nominee schemes and more.

Preparing your home for winter

Get savvy about energy efficiency

During winter, we naturally use more energy – but there are many ways you can cut down on your energy use. This will lower the impact of bill shock and it’s kinder to the environment too. From energy-efficient lighting and heating to appliances and general good energy habits around the house.

Tips for heating:

  • Turn down your thermostat. Just one degree could save you money.
  • Run your heating for an hour less each day. Even using a little less energy each day adds up to big savings over time.
  • Remember to check your radiators to see if they need bleeding. This removes any trapped air that stops them from working as efficiently as they could. It's easy to do.

Tips for the house:

  • Switch off the lights. If you’re not in the room, make sure the light is off.
  • Shut the curtains. This helps keep the warmth in the room.
  • Unplug devices. Don’t just leave them on standby as this still uses energy.

Take control of your heating

Picture it: a freezing evening, you’re drenched on the way home, but with your smart thermostat you can pop on the heating and make sure you arrive back to a cosy house.

Smart thermostats mean you’re always in control of the temperature of your home, no matter where you are. Read all you need to know about smart thermostats in this handy article.

Take your first steps towards a smarter home and visit our Smart Home Store now for all the best smart home tech.

Want to be even more energy efficient?

Get more tips on energy efficiency at home from our friend and blogger Becky Goddard-Hill.

Want to save money on your bills?

Visit our energy efficiency section for the best tips to keep your energy bills as low as possible this winter.