These simple energy-saving tips can make your home warmer and help reduce your bills.

Kitchen appliances

Tips that cost nothing

1. Don’t leave appliances on standby

It may not look like much, but that little red light uses power all the time that it's on.

2. Defrost fridges and freezers regularly

Unhappy fridge freezers use more power than they should. You should also make sure they’re not near any heat sources like radiators or your oven.

3. Clean the grille behind fridges and freezers

This helps keep them cool and efficient, just how they should be.

4. Only run your washing machine on a full load

If you've only got a few items use the half load setting. Economy settings or 30° washes use less energy too.

5. Save energy with low-energy programmes on dishwashers

For all but the dirtiest of dishes!

6. Find out more tips and advice on our energy efficient appliance page 

Tips at an extra cost

1. Check the rating on any new appliances you buy

Products with a dark green rating save the most energy. Try to avoid products with a red rating.


Tips that cost nothing

1. Fix those drips

Little leaks waste more water than you might think. It all adds up!

2. Take a shower

Give that rubber ducky a break - showers are usually faster, cheaper and more efficient than baths.

3. Find out more tips and advice on our energy efficient appliance page 

Tips at an extra cost

1. Fit a water-efficient shower head

If you've got a shower that takes water straight from your boiler or hot water tank, this can reduce your hot water usage.


Tips that cost nothing

1. Turn down your thermostat

Just one degree could save you money - up to £80 a year.(1)

2. Run your heating for an hour less each day

Even using a little less energy each day adds up to big savings over time.

3. Remember to check your radiators to see if they need bleeding

This removes any trapped air that stops them working as efficiently as they could. It's easy to do.

Tips at extra cost

1. Service your gas boiler once a year, every year

Your boiler is the heart of your heating system, so always make sure it's running efficiently.

2. Add a new 75mm hot water cylinder jacket

If you have a hot water tank, better insulation can help save energy by stopping heat escaping.

3. Install radiator panels

These reflect heat back into the room. They’re cheap to buy and can be fitted in minutes.

4. Install a smart thermostat

Control your heating remotely when you’re away from home, so you don't need to worry about wasting energy.


Tips that cost nothing

1. Switch off the lights

Here's a bright idea - if you won't be in a room for a while, turn out the light!

2. Shut the curtains

This helps keep the warmth in the room - but don’t drape them over radiators.

3. Turn off the gas fire

Once you’re warm enough, switch it off.

Tips at an extra cost

1. Fill in gaps around your window and door frames with draught proofing

This only takes minutes to install, and will help your rooms stay toasty and warm.

2. Check out your local DIY superstore

There are lots of energy-saving items that can help make chilly draughts a thing of the past. Just ask the staff at your local store.


Tips that cost nothing

1. Use the right sized pan

Don't use more heat than you have to - match the pan to the hob and the ingredients you’re cooking with.

2. Keep saucepan lids on

This will keep the heat inside the pan where it belongs.

3. Make toast in the toaster

It’s more energy efficient than the grill - and there's less chance of burning your breakfast!

4. Boil only as much water as you need

Don't fill the whole kettle if you only need enough for one cuppa.

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