Our plan for a green recovery

Helping Britain achieve Net Zero

How we’re planning to help Britain achieve net zero


Our plan for a green recovery

This paper provides EDF’s perspectives on how the energy sector can support economic recovery from Covid-19 in a way which helps Britain achieve Net Zero. That contribution can be huge. As a sector we are major long-term investors in the UK economy, we provide vital infrastructure, high skilled jobs, apprenticeships and training opportunities – and the energy customers need to power their lives.

A £50 billion low carbon programme to help Britain achieve net zero

With the right policies in place, we plan to enable investment in low carbon technologies in the UK worth over £50bn by 2035. This amounts to 15GW of wind, solar and nuclear power – meeting one fifth of UK demand.

Creating a decarbonised power system and an electrified economy. Delivered by investment in low carbon electricity generation from wind, nuclear and solar

Our plan:

  • Delivering Hinkley Point C, meeting 7% of UK electricity demand with reliable, low carbon nuclear.
  • Developing Sizewell C, replicating the low carbon benefits of Hinkley in the East of England.
  • Massively growing our renewables business, with almost 4 GW in planning and development, 600MW in construction including our 450MW NNG offshore project, and working with Government and industry to ensure continued use of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme.
  • Investing in the UK’s low carbon supply chain, with 64% of contract values awarded to UK companies for Hinkley Point C and 70% for Sizewell C – building on the 2500 companies already working on the project. 
  • Maintaining the world class nuclear expertise in Britain, running eight existing nuclear power stations while investing in the current and next generation of nuclear experts.

Growing emerging low carbon sectors, with a focus on decarbonising transport, heating and industry

Our plan:

  • Growing electric vehicle ownership, through expansion of our Pod Point charging network and supporting delivery of the £500 million rapid charging fund.
  • Expanding energy efficiency schemes, and working with Government to expand the ECO scheme to benefit more people.
  • Supporting further investment and deployment of low carbon heating options such as heat pumps. 
  • Developing the UK’s low carbon hydrogen projects, including at Sizewell B and C.
  • Building new smart, flexible battery storage technology at up to 40 sites across Britain.
  • Installing smart meters in millions of homes to help our customers understand and save energy. 
  • Researching future technologies, including a global investment of £2 million a day on R&D to support a low carbon future.

Ensuring a green recovery is affordable for all energy customers

Our plan:

  • Providing affordable, zero carbon energy tariffs for homes and businesses.
  • By 2035, helping our household customers reduce their combined carbon emissions by the equivalent of >70% of their 2019 electricity and gas carbon footprint.
  • By 2035, helping our business electricity customers reduce their combined carbon emissions by >80% of their 2019 electricity carbon footprint. 
  • Working with Government to ensure we have the right policies in place to decarbonise at the lowest possible cost: including continuing carbon pricing, supporting the Treasury’s net zero cost review, and investment at the lowest possible cost of capital.

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