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Business electricity metering is changing

The P272 regulatory obligation - understanding your change to half hourly metering

All electricity supply companies have a regulatory obligation (P272) directed by Ofgem to change the way customers with Profile Classes of 05 to 08 meters are billed. This change must be made by April 2017.

Does it apply to my business organisation?

Yes - if your site(s) has a metering Profile Class of 05 to 08, and you have an advanced meter (AMR meter with a working remote communications link) then the regulation will apply to you. If you’re unsure which Profile Class your organisation uses, you can find it from checking your MPAN number on your electricity bill.

Your meter Profile Class can be found from your MPAN number on your electricity bill. It's usually the first 2 digits after the 'S' in the top row of boxes.

View our handy guide to Understanding Your Change to Half Hourly Metering

Why is this happening?

Ofgem is the governing body which ensures that the electricity industry is as open, transparent and cost-reflective as it can be. They are committed to converting or reprogramming Profile Class 05-08 electricity meters to allow them to be read remotely and measured on a Half Hourly (HH) basis. 

This will ensure that costs get reconciled accurately between customers and suppliers and between suppliers and generators - this process is known as ‘settlement’.

When will the change happen for me?

See table explaining how and when we will be offering the appropriate contracts to accommodate these required changes.

How does it impact me?

In most cases there’s no need for you to do anything, the update will be activated remotely and will not result in any changes to operational practices - your supply will not be disrupted.(1)

How we can help

EDF Energy offers two resources to help you manage your energy:

Energy View is our online energy monitoring and reporting solution for businesses – so you can understand how and when energy is being used.

Our Pass-through contract, Fixed + Reflective (only available to customers on more than a estimated annual consumption of 10GWh) contract helps you fix your electricity price for the duration of your contract, with a small tolerance on how much your electricity use can vary from our forecast. You pay the actual costs of delivery and new generation incentives.

Contact us

If you would like more information on P272 or any of these services please contact:

Some quick facts

  • Meters with a Profile Class of 05-08 will be converted to HH settled by April 2017.
  • This change doesn’t affect quarterly billed customers with Profile Classes 01, 02 (domestic) or 03 and 04 (smaller business).
  • All meters with a contract end date after the 5th November 2015 must be changed to HH metering.
  • The change to HH settled meters will result in some new cost elements which will make up your charges. The impact will be metering specific based on how you use your electricity and the geographical location of the meter.
  • Any cost variations will be mainly dependent on site location, individual consumption shapes and the ability you have to switch consumption load to other times of the day.
  • HH data that is available will be used to create new prices based on your actual consumption pattern. This means your new charges will more accurately reflect the actual cost of your energy usage.


View our handy guide to Understanding Your Change to Half Hourly Metering

Frequently asked questions 

Read our FAQ for more information on P272